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WATCH: Bersa Thunder 380 – Better Than PPK?

The Bersa Thunder 380 Series Reviewed by NutnFancy:

“Less than half the price of the outstanding Walther PPK, I can’t help but compare the two in the vid though the Bersa is a roomier format. The Thunder opens up horizons of fun and comfort in shooting, a total rarity in the .380 world. Shooting the Bersa will make you smile not wince. Maybe that’s because you can actually hit with it. This is part of the short journey we take here in video form. You’ll learn about the accuracy, ergos, sewing machine like reliability, build quality, track record and high value of this light but not ultimately small .380; my POU video “The .380 Still Sucks” still plays in case you’re wondering….kinda’ like the high expense [still] of .380 ammo. But if you can hit fast and accurately, shown here, with the Thunder then those concerns may fade for you. Accuracy is job one with any pistol; all else is crap. Bottom Line: This gun is royalty in the .380 world for all the reasons discussed; a gun formula got right.”

Watch video by CLICKING HERE

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